Thursday, January 22, 2015


Opinions of the Week – so far:

Larry Wilmore is doing OK.  Three nights into his new show I am pleasantly surprised.  I didn’t think a black-focused comedy show would have crossover appeal, but so far I’ve been wrong.  I hope he keeps it up.

I read about Obama’s State of the Union, but didn’t want to sit through it.  Anything new that was going to be said had already been leaked.  I’ve seen enough of these speeches where Democrats stomp and cheer if the President is a Democrat, and Republicans sit on their hands – and vice versa.  It’s a meaningless charade.  Having said that, from the clips I’ve seen I think I would have enjoyed watching Obama get feisty.

Who cares whether the Patriots deflated the balls last Sunday?  They won 45-7, people.  Blaming the result on ball pressure doesn’t account for a hopeless Colt team.  So the Super Bowl is next.  I tried to remember what happened in last year’s big show.  I remembered that the Seahawks won, but against whom and by how much?  I drew a blank.  Had to Google it to find out.  I’m sure Peyton hasn’t forgotten though.

Iraq says they need more military support from us.  What a surprise!

The Afghans can’t get their new government together.  What a surprise!

As the U.S. strikes ISIS in Syria, we quietly don’t mess with Assad’s air force.  What a surprise!

European bankers have decided that more austerity isn’t the way to get their economies moving.  What a surprise!


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