Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Good But No Class!

Even with four turnovers Ohio State was clearly better than Oregon last night.  Disappointing for the Ducks.  Interesting that had the new BCS process not been in play the Buckeyes wouldn’t have had a chance to play.  It would have been Oregon vs Alabama.  Also disappointing when the Ohio team, with a 15 point lead and seconds to play, chose to score a meaningless ‘thumb in your eye’ touchdown rather than taking a knee and letting the clock run out.  No class!

Also no class, the United States.  Leaders from around the world and more than a million Frenchmen turned out to promote liberty and freedom of expression on Sunday.  But the best the U.S. could do was to send our Ambassador to France.  An unfortunate decision by the ‘leader of the free world.’


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