Saturday, January 31, 2015

And the Theme Is???

From today’s San Francisco Chronicle:

Page 1 – San Francisco:  Coroner tries to ID dismembered body.

Page 2 – Pakistan: At least 56 die in major Shiite mosque blast.

Page 2 – Islamic State:  Swap deadline ends for hostages.

Page 2 – Sinai Attack:  Egypt raises the death toll to 32.

Page 2 – Afghanistan:  Three U.S. military contractors killed at Kabul airport.

Page 4 – Iraq:  Militants kill top Kurdish commander.

Page 4 – Nigeria:  Chad planes bomb militants

Page 5 – Ukraine:  Artillery fire kills at least 12 civilians.

Page 5 – India:  A mysterious toxin may be killing thousands of young children.

Page 6 – Afghanistan:  Pakistanis seek shelter across border.

Page 6 – South Africa:  Parole for apartheid death squad leader.

Page 7 – Florida:  The latest assault case against George Zimmerman (killer of Trayvon Martin) has been dropped because ex-girlfriend recants.

Page 7 – Connecticut:  Dedication to the victims of the Newtown massacre not to include the shooter’s mother.

Page 7 – Detroit:  The last charge against the police officer who shot a 7-year-old girl by mistake is dismissed.

Page 7 – Alabama:  The driver who crashed a tractor-trailer on Interstate 20 says he lost control while distracted.  He took his hands off the wheel to pull a loose tooth.  He had his tooth in his shirt pocket to prove his story.


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