Wednesday, June 17, 2015


Donald Trump running for president.  He’s a laughable egomaniac who’d be dangerous if he weren’t so repulsive.

Obama depending on the Republicans to get a trade bill through Congress.  Old line Democrats are so blinded by their knee jerk allegiance to labor unions they can’t see what is good for them, middle class workers, or the country.

The St. Louis Cardinals hacking the Houston Astros.  If they were going to steal information why would they go after the secrets of one of the worst teams in baseball?

Comparing Dick Costolo being bounced from Twitter to Steve Jobs when he was booted out of Apple.  Costolo, you may be good at some things, but you ain’t no Steve Jobs.

The assertion that Egypt’s justice system metes out punishment equitably.  Tell that to the thousands who have been sentenced to death without even the pretense of a fair trial.

Rachel Donezal:  “I am black.”  Sure you are, Rachel, no matter what your parents say.


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