Friday, September 04, 2015

Good News!

The Kentucky clerk who refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples is in jail.

Liberia is declared Ebola-free.

The corrupt president of Guatemala is in jail.

Results are promising for a drug that can block HIV infections.

The Obama administration is taking steps to ban health care discrimination against transgender people.

The Justice Department will require federal agents to seek warrants before using secretive equipment to track and capture data from cellphones.

Two British journalists arrested in Turkey on trumped up charges have been released.

The U.S. unemployment rate is down to 5.1%, lowest in more than 7 years.

In Sri Lanka, for the first time in more than three decades a Tamil lawmaker will lead the opposition in Parliament.

Trailing the Dodgers by 6½ games with 28 to play, it won’t be long before my Giants are eliminated from playoff contention, and the suffering will be over.


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