Thursday, November 12, 2015

Surprise or No Surprise!

Does it surprise you that every Republican running for president has a plan to cut taxes, get rid of the deficit, increase employment, grow the economy and improve the well being of each and every American?  And that the numbers don’t add up for any of them?

Does it surprise you that the Israelis and Palestinians are killing each other again?

Does it surprise you that every day we hear about cops shooting and being shot at?

Does it surprise you that discrimination based on skin color, religion, ethnicity, class, caste, gender, race and whoever else the ‘other’ is is part of the human condition?

Does it surprise you that money in politics and the unrestrained need for more and more of it –  empowers special interests, corrupts individuals and the system, subverts the democratic process, turns off young people who might otherwise get involved, and promotes a culture of greed?

Does it surprise you that the Patriots are undefeated?  Or the Warriors?  Or that Bayern Munich is kicking ass in Germany and PSG in France or that Barcelona and Real Madrid are leading the way in Spain?  Business as usual in sports.

And does it surprise you that the web of corruption in FIFA is more obvious every day?  And that Sepp Blatter is in the hospital for stress?  What a shame!


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