Wednesday, January 27, 2016


If it is true that defense wins championships, Denver should win the Super Bowl.  Won’t happen.  Carolina will thrash the Broncos.  Peyton’s last hurrah will be a painful one.

Trump and Cruz versus the rest.  Who is disconnected from whom?  Pundits analyze the phenomenon using history as a guide and wonder why it doesn’t make sense.  They forget that this is a new day and looking backward yields a distorted view.

The same rear view mirror is being used to try and explain why people around the world are blowing themselves up so that they can blow up others.  What is the motivation?  Is there a common thread?  No place is immune.  There are no answers to this one.  It is not because of Islam, or poverty or cultural alienation or the Internet, or even a combination of all the reasons being offered.  It’s a new paradigm that cannot be explained by looking for answers inside the old one.

Is the Chinese economy headed down the toilet?  Oh my, the experts say – it’s slowing down.  The sky is falling.  Right.  It’s going from 10% a year to a paltry 6%, or some such number.  While we limp along in the 2 to 3% range.  6% doesn’t look so bad to me.

Common sense says that when you have a product that sells for less than it did, and there is a glut of this product on the market, you will stop producing so much of it.  But the big oil producers don’t see the world through a prism of common sense.  We’re going to keep producing the Saudis say.  And we too, say the Iranians.  And most of the others.  What’s wrong with this picture?

Start with sports – finish with sports.  FIFA will elect a new president in a month.  Out with the old, corrupt Blatter regime.  In with the new clean guys.  So what is the talk around the subject?  Backroom deals to control votes.  Collusion between the favorites to assure that one wins.  Geographical coalitions to manage the process.  Sounds like same-old-same-old.  That’s because it is same-old-same-old.

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