Thursday, January 14, 2016


I guess you can argue that opinions are important.  They are a way to express yourself.  If you are upset they give you something or someone to aim your anger at.  If you are happy, the reverse.  You can also argue that opinions are a waste of time.  They don’t make any difference.  They don’t change anything.  They are like hot air – they provide a temporary relief from the cold, but then it is cold again.

The news is the happy hunting ground for opinions.  They abound.  Today, for example:

Opinions from St. Louis:  Fans of the Rams are upset because their team and its owner have abandoned them for L.A.  Residents who aren’t fans see the benefit of not spending public money to further enrich a rich guy.  Guess what?  The team is leaving whether people like it or not.

Political opinions:  Trump, Cruz and their fans are upset with Nikki Haley for saying Republicans should stand for a common sense immigration policy.  Establishment Republicans are upset with Trump and Cruz, who they think will lose them the White House.  Guess what?  All this hot air is not going to change any minds.  You’re either for ‘em or agin’ ‘em.

Obama opinions:  His State of the Union was both thoughtful and appropriate or an hour of empty rhetoric – sound and fury signifying nothing.  The opinions on both sides are preconceived ideas that use the speech as an excuse to re-express themselves.

Economic opinions:  Income inequality does/does not pose a threat to the American way of life.  The power of money in politics is/is not a problem.  International trade agreements are good/bad for the American worker.  China is/is not a threat to us.  Taxes are/are not too high.

And so on . . . 

We are blessed by/drowning in an inexhaustible supply of opinions!


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