Thursday, January 21, 2016

On the Lookout For!

What not to miss these days:

More light – earlier sunrises and later sunsets.  A good thing.

Inconvenience in San Francisco – based on the insane notion that being called the Super Bowl host city is a benefit, even though the game is 45 miles away in Santa Clara, because visitors will eat, drink and play here.  Who needs it?  Traffic, closed streets, clogging up everything.  Bah!

As the political season continues to heat up, so does the craziness.  Obsessive media coverage – 24/7.  Charges, counter-charges, lies, exaggerations, posturing, sound and fury signifying nothing.  Bah!

Looking for a safe place?  Forget it.  Every day the usual suspects report killings – Afghanistan, Pakistan, Syria, Iraq, and the rest.  And then, in a blink of the eye, new ones crop up – Istanbul, Indonesia, Furkina Faso and in every corner of the U.S. of A.  Bah!

Winter, and the homeless are cold.  The wealthiest country on the planet is unwilling to care for its poor.  Shameful.  Bah!

Demonstrators chain themselves together and tie up the Bay Bridge.  Their cause may be just.  Their tactics are counterproductive.  Inconveniencing the masses to make a point is so ‘old school.’  Find a better way, people.  Bah!

More light – earlier sunrises and later sunsets.  A good thing.


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