Tuesday, February 23, 2016


What would seem to make no sense sometimes makes sense:

The Jat caste in India wants to have its status lowered.  Why?  So that Jats will be eligible for special privileges afforded lower castes.

I want Donald Trump to be the Republican nominee.  Why?  He’ll be easier to beat than Rubio.

I love sunny days and I want it to rain.  Why?  We need more water.

I like Arsenal and would like to see them lose in the Premier League.  Why?  So the magical underdogs, Leicester City, will win the title.

It would be good if oil prices go up again.  Why?  So that renewable energy sources are more economically attractive.  Actually, it would be better if we had it both ways – low oil prices that help consumers and hurt places like Saudi Arabia, Russia, and the lot, plus low-cost renewables.

I hate this one:  If Assad retakes Aleppo and gains ground elsewhere, it could be a good thing.  Why?  He might be more willing to enter serious negotiations to end the Syrian civil war.  A forlorn hope?  Probably, but could be worth a try.


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