Monday, December 19, 2011

Good, Bad & Ugly!

Good: In two days it’ll be the Winter Solstice. The sun heads the other way. Yes!

Good: No jail time for Barry B. Pursuing him was a waste of time and money from the beginning.

Good: The bums, addicts and seekers of new places to pitch their tents are mostly gone from public spaces. The people who really had something to protest left long ago.

Good: Gingrich and Romney are going after each other. Keep at it, boys.

Good: Tebow and God didn’t pull another miracle, so the Broncos got beat.

Why Am I Not Surprised:

Iraq is wasting no time in starting to fall apart.

Assad continues to kill his people.

The military and civilian leaders in Pakistan are on a collision course.

The Republicans in Congress want to stop the government again.

People are dying on the streets in Egypt and Yemen and Bahrain.

Boats overloaded with refugees are sinking in Asia.

Many Russians are mad at Putin.

Will be missed:

Christopher Hitchens

Vaclav Havel

Warren Hellman

Won’t be missed:

Kim Jong-Il

Total Enjoyment:

Watching the Magicians from Barcelona bewitch Santos

It Would Be Nice, But:

I don’t think the Niners can beat the Steelers tonight.


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