Friday, December 09, 2011


The picture put out by the Iranians purporting to show the American drone spy plane that crashed in Iran looks like a mock-up from a 50’s science fiction movie. No sign it crashed to earth from 50,000 feet. The best part of this story is the U.S. response on the first day of the story: “Gee, we don’t know how this could happen. The poor drone must have lost its way. It was supposed to be flying over Afghanistan.” Yeah, lost its way and ended up 140 miles into Iran.

Now these Republicans have me confused. With the rise of Newt and the continued blah of Romney I don’t know what to think or who to root for. Who would I rather see run against Obama? Which of these guys would be easier to beat? And if by chance one should be elected who would make the best/worst President? My gut tells me Gingrich would be easier to beat. About what it would be like with one of these guys in the White House – I can’t confront it right now.

Good news: San Francisco now has more dogs than children.

If they give Barry Bonds jail time when he is sentenced next week it will be because of who he is, not what he did. I’m for probation and community service. Making him stay at home for some months would be useless and ridiculous. This whole process has been a waste of time and taxpayer money. Reminds me of the Martha Stewart nonsense.

Shame on Obama for caving to the anti-abortion crowd and overruling the FDA, which wanted to make morning-after pills available to girls under 17 without a prescription. This wasn’t an HHS decision. It was a White House decision. It’s about politics, not medicine or morality. I don’t like it, but why am I not surprised?

Sorry to see Pujols go to the Angels. It’s about L.A. and Florida trying to buy a championship. Worked out really well for the Phillies, Red Sox and Yankees last year, right boys? As for the Giants – I’m satisfied with who’s come in and who’s gone out. With the new guys plus a healthy Posey and Sanchez, we should field a much stronger team this season.

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