Tuesday, May 22, 2018

Wishful Thinking!

Examples of wishful thinking:

Mass killing, in schools and elsewhere, can be stopped with new gun regulations, guards, emergency procedures, and the like.  Worthwhile?  Sure.  Foolproof?  No.  Until deranged minds can be known and controlled, destructive acts cannot be prevented.  Like it or not, it is part of the human condition.

Sanctions against Iran, Russia, China or anyone else will force them to behave differently.  So long as the world is composed of individual entities called nations, self-interest will determine what policies are followed.  Sanctions may let those imposing them feel better – “See, we’re hurting the bad guys” – but they are not the answer.

If we buy the best players we’ll have the best team.  Yes, having the money to lure stars helps, but it is no guarantee of success.  Intangibles, such as personalities that mesh into a team, strategy, fitness, luck, and many others – produce winners.

On the subject of money, it is wishful thinking to assume that our elected officials, public servants, will behave in a way that puts the public interest first so long obscene amounts of money are required to be elected.  He/she who gives the money has the power and their interest is served first.

There is a solution to homelessness.  The notion that if we do this, or this, or this, we can put an end to homelessness is a pipe dream.  There is no one answer.  Can we help the homeless?  Yes.  But not until a comprehensive approach is put in place.  Mental health, drug addiction, housing, food, job training and employment, all need to be addressed.  That many of our fellow citizens are living on the street is shameful.  Some might even say un-American!


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