Thursday, March 08, 2018


How about California secedes?  Fantasy or No Way?  Probably No Way, but think about going our own way: 

A vibrant, growing economy, 10th largest on the planet.

Able to protect our environment and natural resources on our terms.

A legal sanctuary for immigrants, not subject to objection by a gaggle of aging white men in Washington.

A Supreme Court that rules humanely on the basis of 21st century reality, not wedded to every word of an 18th century document.

Gun laws that protect people, not lobbyists.

Politicians whose job is to serve the public rather than follow the wishes of those who finance them.

Second to none in the world of technology.

Tax laws that are not skewed to benefit the rich.

Free trade with the world.

And more . . . Not a bad vision even if unlikely.  Keep the dream alive!


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