Tuesday, January 30, 2018

Local News!

Another sun-drenched day in the Bay Area.  Good and bad – good because it is a perfect day to go to Golden Gate Park and check out the magnolias, which should be beginning to bloom about now, and bad because we need some rain.  It is too dry again this year.

The Warriors continue to dazzle.

Byzantine political maneuvering in City Hall is front and center as we head into an election for Mayor in June.  Progressives (Peskin and crew) backing a moderate (Farrell) to be interim Mayor so that another moderate (Breed) won’t have an advantage against progressives (Kim & Leno) in June.  Like I said, Byzantine.

Homelessness continues to plague our prosperous and beautiful city.  You’d think our political geniuses who run things could figure out a way to turn around what is an intolerable, ugly and inhumane situation.  On the other hand, if you’d think that you’d be wrong. 

Baseball is just around the corner.  I’m satisfied that the Giants made good moves with the new guys who are now on the team.  That they’re older than some would like doesn’t bother me.  My hope is that some guys (in this case younger) who we’ve never heard of will show up and further strengthen the team.  Like they say, hope springs eternal when Spring Training begins.

Looking out the window in the morning and seeing the Golden Gate Bridge never fails to inspire – and to fill me with gratitude for my many blessings.


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