Tuesday, January 23, 2018


It doesn’t look like the Democrats got much for keeping the government open.  In a couple of weeks they’ll face the same issues that caused the shutdown in the first place.  Progressive Democrats are pissed.  Republican assurances that there will be an open and fair discussion on DACA are lame.  The White House is silent.  If there is a winning strategy in all this it is hard to see.

Most neutrals would like to see the Eagles beat the Patriots.  Is it possible?  Yes.  Is it likely? Don’t bet on it.

Staying with sports:  Last week Liverpool became the first team this season to beat league-leading Manchester City.  This week they lost to Swansea, dead last in the Premier League standings.  Go figure!

And more:  Go Warriors!

Turkey has attacked the YPG Kurds in Northern Syria saying that these Kurds are in league with the PKK Kurds in Turkey, a group that the Turks see as terrorists.  Confusing?  Factor in that the YPG Kurds are our best friends in Syria against ISIS.  What can we do about any of this?  Aside from whispering to the Turks that they should go home, not much.

In planning an upcoming trip to Asia, I find that I can go to Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand and Hong Kong without a visa.  I do need one for Vietnam and China.  Given how we are behaving and how we are perceived around the world these days, I wonder how long Americans will be able to travel freely without visas to many countries who up to now have welcomed us.

Watching the two Koreas making nice with each other is probably causing some heartburn in the White House.  Going to the Olympics as one team?  Indeed.  How dare they?  Score one for the bad guys.

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