Thursday, December 28, 2017

Russian Trolls!

A feature of this blog site for the blogger is the statistics that are available to me.  I can find out pageviews by operating systems, browsers and countries on a daily, weekly, monthly or all time basis.

Over the last year or so I’ve been aware that my viewers reside mainly in two countries, the U.S. and Russia.  This has puzzled me because as far as I know none of my followers live in Russia.  Yet, there it is, pretty much every day is like today’s report – Russia leads the pack, followed by the U.S. and then France, Ukraine, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, South Korea, Portugal and Romania.

Finally, it dawned on me.  Russian trolls are doing their job, checking out blogs and social media postings to see if there is anything being said that interests them.  My blog is swept up with all the rest.  All time my viewers are mostly American.  In the past year, however, the U.S. is neck and neck with Russia.  Obviously they have increased their trolling – a lot.

I wonder if the Russkies have used anything I’ve written.  I’ll probably never know.

Happy New Year!


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