Tuesday, December 05, 2017


America’s retreat from the world continues:

We’ve opted out of free trade in Asia, leaving China free to fill the gap.

We’ve opted out of climate change accords, leaving us at the mercy of a benevolent Mother Nature – or is it a benevolent God?

We’ve opted out of NAFTA, leaving North America to others.

We’ve opted out of tax reforms, opting instead for tax cuts benefitting the rich and corporations and leaving middle income people to pick up the tab.

We’ve opted out of Syria, leaving Russia, Turkey and Assad to lead the way toward some kind of end to the civil war.

We’ve opted out of a sane and human immigration policy, hurting millions already here and preventing from coming millions more who might bring their genius and initiative with them.

And by announcing that Jerusalem is Israel’s capital we’ve stuck a poker in the eye of every Muslim around the world and opted out of any role in a Middle East peace process, if there ever is to be one.


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