Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Head in the Sand!

Current news I’m avoiding.  I know keeping my head in the sand won’t change anything or help, but getting sucked into these stories would be a waste of time:

Trump’s tweets.  This unending irrational tirade is boring.

The proposed tax cuts.  Behind the scenes maneuvering to convince/cajole/bribe politicians to do the wrong thing is predictable behavior that sacrifices the public interest on the altar of the lobbyists.

Which teams will make football’s final four.  The conjecture about who will and who won’t and whether Alabama will sneak in isn’t illuminating.  Wait until the weekend and all will be known, and the arguments about injustice will replace conjecture.

How the city and state are preparing for legal recreational pot sales come the first of the year.  Will this or that location be approved?  Will small growers be put out of business?  How do we protect children from evil temptation?  Etc…

North Korean missile tests.  Just let me know if San Francisco is threatened and spare me other details, including all the bad things we’ll do to them if they don’t stop.

Grammy nominations.  I’m a jazz guy so all the hoopla falls on my deaf ears.

There is more, but I’m bored discussing what bores me.  Have a nice day!


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