Wednesday, September 13, 2017


I notice that I’m ambivalent about a few things these days:

Where is the line between intolerable hate speech and free speech?  What views should be allowed to be expressed on college campuses and elsewhere, even if the views are repugnant?  I’m not sure.

What should the rules be on immigration?  Allowing only a few in is too restrictive.  Having no controls is too broad minded.  I’m on the side of encouraging people to come here but am unsure about what the limits should be.

I’m a free trade advocate who believes the playing field should be level.  Restrictive tariffs and trade wars make no sense.  Putting up barriers to trade in the name of “America First” and saving American jobs is a short-sighted, counterproductive canard.  Having said that, the rules of the game should not create an unfair advantage for one country over another.

The woeful 2017 San Francisco Giants are in a race to the bottom, competing with the Phillies and White Sox for the worst record in all of baseball.  Winning the race is an advantage in the next player draft.  Losing the race preserves at least a small amount of self-respect.  Should I want us to win or lose these last few games?  I think I vote for losing, unless we’re playing the Dodgers.


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