Monday, July 31, 2017

Unfinished Stories!

What will happen in Pakistan now that Sharif has been ousted?  Will his brother end up on top?  Will Imran Khan mobilize a popular uprising?  What will the military do?

Who will be next to hear “You’re fired,” from the maniac in charge?

Will the woeful Giants manage to lose more than 100 games this season?

Will Neymar leave Barcelona?

Will the Democrats ever figure out how to articulate a compelling narrative that speaks to the average voter?

What will Special Counsel Mueller find and when will he find it?

When will Artificial Intelligence take over?

When will Apple admit that the Watch has been a failure?

When will electric cars take us as far as a tank of gas?

When will we clone a human being?

Does Assad have a future in Syria?

Is there a viable alternative to war with North Korea? If Chinese pressure is the answer, what will it take for them to do something?

The clock is ticking for Brexit.  What will it look like for Britain and Europe when time has run out?

Have a nice day!


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