Wednesday, June 21, 2017

A Break!

On Friday I leave for Lake Como and Southern Spain.  I predict that while I’m away not much will change.  Specifically:

The Giants will still stink;
Trump will still tweet;
Washington will still be dysfunctional;
Terrorist acts will still kill innocents every day;
Our civil discourse will still be uncivil;
The Brits will still be in disarray;
The number of refugees in desperate need will grow;
Etc., etc., etc. . .

How about seeing the glass half full rather than half empty?
It’s possible, but more and more difficult.
The old people who are running things are hapless and helpless.  Stuck in the past as future.
The young ones are beginning to stir, but need to do more.  If there is hope, they are it.

I return on the Fourth of July – a propitious date.  We shall see – later.


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