Monday, May 15, 2017

Thoughts for Today!

Trying to use rational thinking to figure out irrational acts by an irrational president is an exercise in futility.  The pundits who do this are wasting their time.  Best to just sit back and wait for the next irrational act that will astound, appall, dismay, surprise – whatever.  It’s an ongoing process that isn’t going to end soon.

Good news from Europe this morning: A surprise victory for Merkel in a usually unfriendly (to her) part of Germany.  Macron is moving quickly in the right direction.

The Chinese are filling the global leadership vacuum left as the U.S. turns inward.  They’ve committed the first $100 billion of what could be a trillion dollar “One Belt, One Road” development project stretching through Asia and Africa to Europe.

North Korea’s latest missile test again ups the provocation index.  Unless they change their ways they will have to be stopped.  A diplomatic solution would be nice, but may not be possible.  I lay the odds at 50-50 that force will be needed to stop them.  What happens when a crazy one faces off against a crazy one?  Your guess is as good as mine.

The Warriors came from being down 25 to win.  An amazing feat, even though an injury to Kawhi Leonard made the comeback easier.  Go Warriors!

The Giants have won three in a row.  Given their woeful display so far this season, three in a row can be classified as a miracle.

Sticking with sports to round this out:  Even if you don’t like Chelsea, you’ve gotta love Antonio Conte’s enthusiasm and unrestrained joy at finishing atop the Premier League.  Well done!


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