Friday, March 31, 2017

Hope Springs Eternal!

“Hope springs eternal in the human breast,” said Alexander Pope in 1734.  I don’t think Pope was referring to baseball fans, but he could have been.  It is Spring, and in a couple of days the Boys of Summer will smell the grass and swing their bats.

Before it starts we’re all even – no wins, no losses.  162 games later most of us will be disappointed and we’ll need to wait ‘til next year.  I loved baseball as a kid, and then lost interest.  However, when our new ballpark opened 18 years ago I became an active fan again.  When I go to a game, for sure I want the Giants to win.  But win or lose, just being in our friendly, beautiful ballpark is a pleasurable experience.  Sandra and I purchased one of the bricks in the sidewalk outside the main gate.  It says, simply, “We Love This Place.”

I’m not too optimistic about the upcoming season.  We’ve got pretty much the same team as last year, competitive because of good pitching, but no bats that are going to wow the aficionados.  Good management and a cohesive clubhouse will help us.  Injuries and subpar performances could hurt. 

But all that aside, I’m looking forward to “Play Ball.”  Hope does indeed spring eternal!


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