Sunday, March 05, 2017

Back From India!

Takeaways (admittedly generalizations) after spending the last month in India:

People have a positive outlook, especially young people.
They think the Modi-led government is on the right track.
Mobile phones are ubiquitous, seemingly growing out of everyone’s ears.
Traffic is more chaotic than ever.  Macho drivers rule.
Walking down narrow streets is a battle with motorcycles for survival.
Little attention is paid to the past.  Today is about today’s India.
Traditional values may be less visible but below the surface are still powerful.
Trump is on their minds.  What does he mean for America?  For India?
Air pollution is not limited to Delhi or Mumbai.  It’s everywhere.
People are both pushy and quick to provide acts of small kindness.
Indians are unabashedly proud of their country.

I had a great trip and am happy to be home.


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