Friday, March 17, 2017

Wasted Ink!

I am always surprised by how interested people are in conjecturing.  The ‘what ifs,’ ‘how abouts,’ and ‘maybes’ get more attention than the thing itself.  It is an excuse for the self-styled experts and pundits to opine, predict and wax eloquent (well, maybe not eloquent, but wax nonetheless) about the subject du jour.

If you get your news online, all this is wasted data.  I’m still a newspaper reader, so it’s wasted ink.  In recent days the hot story has been the Trump budget.  Will it be changed?  If it isn’t, what will happen?  If it is, what will happen?  Who will it help?  Who will it hurt?  Etc., etc., ad nauseum. 

Why should I waste my time on all this stuff?  The story will go on for a long time before it is resolved.  I’ll be interested in how the saga ends.  But until then, I’d rather watch a Champion’s League game or read a book.

In our 24/7 world, the demand for new breaking news which generates new conjecturing is insatiable.  I can even sympathize with the need to fill the space with something.  But that doesn’t make it worth my time.  You, of course, may have a different opinion, so go ahead – opine!


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