Thursday, April 20, 2017

Random Thoughts!

How wonderful it was that the Trump “armada” threatening North Korea was headed in the wrong direction.  Kind of says it all, methinks.

Arrogance sums up Bill O’Reilly and other guys like him who go after women who aren’t interested.  I can’t get my head around wanting to sleep with O’Reilly, but I’m sure there are many women who would be interested.  Why, then, go after the others?  Arrogance, an “I’m entitled” mentality, trumps (no pun) intelligence.

Fascism by any other name.  Erdogan claims that the new powers he has as a result of Sunday’s referendum are simply to improve Turkey’s democracy and have the government run smoother.  Sounds like Hitler when he was “elected” in 1933.  Fascism by any other name.

Protest, yes.  Protest violently, no.  Big mistake, and stupid, for anti-Trump or anti-Coulter or anti-any other right wing figure to allow their dissent to turn into violent demonstrations.  Gives ammunition (figuratively I hope) to the bad guys.  Free speech, in Berkeley or anyplace else, should be protected.

Be prepared for the current Supreme Court to rule on the wrong side of many issues as we go forward.  Civil rights, secularism, women’s rights, crime, etc. etc. will all be eroded, maybe temporarily, maybe forever.  I expect the worst.

Look around – stability is threatened and under siege all over the place.  In Venezuela, Indonesia, France, Nigeria, Kashmir, the Middle East, etc., etc., etc.  And here at home.  Good luck to us all.


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