Friday, June 09, 2017

Thoughts for Today!

In my view Comey told the truth yesterday.  He was persuasive and credible.  On the negative side, when Trump suggested he do something inappropriate he should have said so at the time.  I don’t buy the excuse that he was too stunned or maybe intimidated in the Oval Office.  I think he wanted to keep his job and thought he could act with integrity without confronting or calling out Trump.  He was wrong.

What’s going on with John McCain?  His questioning of Comey was bizarre and hard to fathom.  He seemed to either be under the influence of something and/or exhibiting signs of dementia.  Later he tweeted that he had been staying up too late watching Diamondbacks games.  I don’t buy it.

Good for Jerry Brown for taking California’s commitment to the environment to China.  With the 6th largest economy in the world, we can help overcome the impact of the current U.S. administration thumbing its nose at the rest of the world re climate change.

I’ve been watching Vice’s daily news show on HBO.  I’m far removed from the show’s 18-34 target audience, but I want to better understand how people are communicating with millennials.  I find the show interesting and informative.

The Giants really are woeful this year.  Going into the bottom of the ninth yesterday in Milwaukee ahead 5-3, Melancon comes in, gives up two runs, and blows the save.  Then, in the 10th, the Giants score 4 and win the game 9-5.  Who gets the win?  Melancon.  Blows the save, gets the win.  Go figure.

Go Warriors!!


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