Monday, August 07, 2017

Breaking News!

About once an hour the cable news networks get all a twitter with some (often) inane piece of news they breathlessly call “Breaking News.”  Here are some Breaking News items you may have missed:

Residents who live on a private street in San Francisco have learned that the public spaces (like parking) on their private street are now owned by a couple from out of town.  Seems that the residents hadn’t paid fees to the city, so the public spaces were put up for auction.  Oh, Oh!  Someone wasn’t paying attention.  And now someone isn’t happy. 

The San Francisco Giants won two games in a row.  A miracle!

Europe is in the middle of a heat wave.  Some people in Spain say their air conditioning won’t work because the air is too hot to be conditioned.  If you understand what they’re talking about please enlighten me.

The last three presidents of Brazil have faced corruption charges.  Insightful observers note that a pattern seems to be emerging.

After 16 years our war in Afghanistan isn’t going well.  “Experts” are divided about what to do:  Send in more troops.  Pull out.  While they argue the Taliban gets stronger every day.  How about we let the Russians have another go at it?

While the White House is undergoing repairs, the West Wing staff has moved next door to the Executive Office Building.  Any bets on whether the change will improve their efficiency?

Nissan workers in Mississippi voted not unionize.  The UAW has seen better days.

Fountains in Rome are shutting down.  Not enough water and no end in sight for the drought.  Bummer!

Leeds kicked off the new season by beating Bolton 3-2.  About this result?  If you cared you already knew it.

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