Friday, March 02, 2018


A few interesting unknowns:

Who will win the Italian election on Sunday?  With something like 64 different governments in the last 70 years, does it really matter?

For sure, the Giants who lost 98 games last year will improve.  But by how much?  And will they be competitive in their division?

Who will be the next to leave the White House?  McMaster?  Cohn?  Someone else?  And over at Justice, Sessions?  The daily chaos is fun to watch.

Will North and South Korea be able to talk with each other and lessen the tension?  With or without the United States?

Will all the talk (and a little action) on gun control yield any meaningful results?  Not likely until politicians see they have something to lose by doing nothing.

The Oscars will be handed out on Sunday night.  The smart money thinks “The Shape of Water” will be the big winner.  But the smart money hasn’t always been smart, so who knows?  Maybe they’ll be able to keep the envelopes straight this time.

Will Netanyahu survive his latest corruption allegations?  And whether he does or doesn’t, will it change anything in Israel?  I’d say the skeptics win this one.

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