Sunday, February 18, 2018

Magnolias +

There is never a bad time to visit the Arboretum in Golden Gate Park.  It is a peaceful place in which to sit or stroll or just soak up the beauty of it all.  But at this time of year, with the magnolias in full bloom, it is particularly special.  And so it was the other day when I was there.

I’ve never been able to predict when the magnolias will be at their peak.  I assume it depends on a combination of factors – temperature, moisture, wind, the timing of each – and so choosing which day to go is a guessing game.  This year, thankfully, we guessed right.

The trees were magical.  A wonderland of pink and white and red, some large, some small, all contributing to the expression of joy they communicated to us and others fortunate to be in their presence.

The magnolias were not alone.  Also in bloom were camellias, rhododendrons, and gladiolas.  Did I say it was a wonderland?  How fortunate we are to have such an extraordinary amenity close by.  Just another thing for which to be grateful.


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