Wednesday, March 28, 2018

The View From Here!

I'm nearing the halfway point in my six city visit to Asia.  I'm in Bangkok, having spent time in Singapore and Kuala Lumpur.  Next will be Hanoi, Hong Kong and Shanghai.  Observations so far?  A few:

People are more positive about the United States than I thought they'd be.  They are cutting us more slack than we deserve.  It is more in the nature of hoping we'll continue to be good friends rather than an approval of our actions in recent times.

Everywhere I look are signs of booming economies.  Shopping centers, malls, both upscale and middle income, are crowded, especially with families.  New construction is ubiquitous- office towers and high rise residential.  For example, between the airport and downtown Kuala Lumpur the landscape is dotted with dozens, maybe hundreds of tall buildings fully occupied or being built.  Here in Bangkok from my hotel I can see construction cranes in all directions.  The same was true in Singapore.

The mood is good.  Locals and tourists are enjoying life.  It is a joy to see.  Admittedly, my exposure has been limited.  But the evidence is incontrovertible.

My focus on local food is paying off.  In the hotels, on the streets, in restaurants, the cuisine is plentiful and delicious.  Asia is clearly on the move.  Whether we'll be a part of this positive future is yet to be determined.


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