Saturday, April 13, 2013

Half Full!

Today I’ll look for steps forward rather than the usual.  It’s hard to believe, but:

A bipartisan group of Senators say they have agreed on an immigration reform package.
A bipartisan group of two Senators say they have agreed on background checks for gun control.
Obama’s budget proposals are upsetting both the left and the right, so there must be something positive about what he’s proposing.
The Senate didn’t succumb to a filibuster and agreed to let gun control come to the floor for debate and a vote.
Some positive mental health measures are included in new gun control legislation.
A bipartisan bill has been introduced that will protect marijuana users from federal prosecution when they are following state laws.
Farm labor unions and growers have agreed on immigration reform measures.

Finally, and apropos of nothing, former classmates of the North Pond Hermit, who spent the last 27 years alone in the Maine woods recall him as quiet, smart and nerdy.  That seems about right.


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