Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rove is Right!

I can’t remember a time when I’ve agreed with Karl Rove about anything – until today.  In a Wall St. Journal column he suggests that the Republicans in Congress give Obama the authority to decide where the $85 billion in sequester cuts are to be made rather than to just do it sledge hammer style across the board.

His hope, of course, is that if Obama is given this power he will be held accountable.  Then any public dissatisfaction with these cuts will shift from the electorate blaming the Republicans for being intransigent to blaming Obama.

I agree with Rove’s suggestion.  I don’t agree with the reason he’s taking this position, but as a way to make some sense out of a bad situation I’d rather see thoughtful cuts rather than the across-the-board variety.

A year and a half ago when our leaders agreed to this sequester deal the rationale was that this draconian measure would never happen because in the end common sense would dictate that the disagreeing parties would get together and make a deal.  That they underestimated the level of dysfunction that exists in Washington is an understatement.


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