Friday, February 22, 2013


From today’s news:

Bombs and death, bombs and death, there is no end to it:  India, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Syria, Mali, Iraq ++

The sequester:  Consensus is that it’s a stupid move and no one is doing anything to avoid it.  More evidence of dysfunction in Washington, but not to worry, Congress is on vacation this week.

Pistorius is out on bail.  At first it was a slam-dunk ‘he did it.’  Since then doubts have been raised.  So for now the slam-dunk is in question – or not – depending on your point of view.

At Academy Awards Sunday night Daniel Day-Lewis and Spielberg will win for acting and directing.  There is less certainty about all the other categories, including best picture.

Hagel now has the votes to be confirmed.

Gun control, or the lack of it, is a lively topic of conversation around the country.

Republican Governors who strongly opposed Obamacare are now signing on to take advantage of increased federal funding for Medicare.

As we approach March Madness, the race to the Final Four is wide open.


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