Monday, January 07, 2013


Hagel is a good choice for Defense Secretary.  The flack will come more from the right than the left, which proves my point.  Willing to stand up to the Israel lobby?  Good thing.  Outspoken against wars we shouldn’t fight?  Good thing.  Willing to take stands against the wishes of his fellow Republicans?  Good thing.  Past comments on gays?  Bad thing.  Recanting on this?  Good thing.  Obama ready to have a fight for what he wants?  Good thing.  Cut the crap.  Just approve the guy and let’s move on to other nonsense!

Battle lines being drawn for the next big fight – about raising the debt limit.  More nonsense!  Further example of a dysfunctional government.  There is no sign of an end to this.  We deserve what we get.

The petulant Israelis continue to go down the wrong path.  We’ll show you, they say to the Palestinians for succeeding in their latest UN move for statehood.  We’ll build more settlements, they say, this time in Jerusalem, which will not only piss off the international community now, but will make a future coherent Palestinian state more difficult to achieve.  Self-destructive nonsense!  And I read that 2/3 of the Israelis favor this path.  They deserve what they get.

Bonds and Clemens will not be voted into the Hall of Fame.  We’ll show you, the self-righteous, self-serving writers say.  We’ll prove you’ve been bad boys by keeping you out.  No way we’ll let you join the crooks, drunkards, and racists who are already in the Hall.  Your stats are good, they’ll say, but we won’t turn a blind eye to your blood tests.  Where were all these self-appointed judges when it was all happening?  Nonsense!

Nonsense to ignore:

The Pope is on Twitter.
Gerard Depardieu wants to be a Russian.
Parking meters in San Francisco need to be fed on Sunday.
Berlusconi wants to be Prime Minister again.
Study says overweight people live longer.
The NHL is going to play some games after all.
The Republican Party has gone schizoid.

About all this nonsense, and more?  If you care you’ve got too much time on your hands!


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