Wednesday, January 02, 2013

Message #25 - Fall in Love With Today!

Did you wake up this morning rarein’ to go?  Can’t wait to get out of bed.  Want to hit the ground running.  Bring it on.

Or was it more like “I’m still tired,” “Is it the weekend yet?” “I don’t wanna?”

And now, a few hours later, how are you doing?  It’s possible you’re having a great day.  If so, you’re one of the lucky few.  More likely you’re going through the motions, wanting a break, wishing the lunch hour would hurry up or checking your watch to see if it’s time to go home yet.

You’re going to let a whole day go by and waste it.  Shame on you.  You’re never going to get the day back.  It’s gone forever.  Well, you think, there’s always tomorrow.  But tomorrow’s going to be the same if you don’t Fall in Love With Today!  It will be wasted too.

What am I supposed to do, you ask?  Pretend I’m happy if I’m not?  Pretend to like something I don’t like?  Say ‘fuck it’ and run away from everything?  No, no, and no.  That approach will only make everything worse.

Take a look at what’s really going on.  You’re not happy with the way things are.  “This isn’t it,” you say.  Or at least it isn’t the way you think you want it to be.  So now, the present, isn’t OK and you try to escape by complaining about it, rejecting it, wishing it away.  But it doesn’t go away, since now is the only thing you’ve got.  The past is gone and the future hasn’t arrived.  Now is it.  You might as well embrace it.  You might as well love it.  It’s all you’ve got.

Sure, you can change things.  And maybe you should.  But how often has a new job, a new spouse, more money, living someplace else or a tummy tuck solved the problem?  You can change all that but you’re still left with – guess what? – you.  So you might as well confront the real source of whatever is going on – little old you.

That’s the bad news.  The good news is that you are more than able to take yourself on.  You put it together.  You can take it apart.  You can rearrange yourself.  Where did your attitude come from?  Your DNA?  No.  What your boss said to you?  No.  What you had for breakfast?  No.  God?  Gimme a break.

You’re the author of your own story.  So if you don’t like it, rewrite it.  How does it serve you to be unhappy?  I agree that changing how you see the world when you wake up in the morning won’t magically fix everything.  But it’s not a bad place to start.  At least you’ll approach the day with something better than dread.

You may need some practice.  If you’ve grown accustomed to dragging yourself reluctantly into each new day, you may need some practice to change your ways.  There’s no point in putting it off.  So tomorrow – Fall in Love With Today!


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