Monday, November 05, 2012

The Outlook!

I hope and expect Obama will win tomorrow.  But win or lose I am not optimistic about political leadership in this dear old land of ours.

No matter who is president, the continued slow but steady decline in American hegemony around the world will continue.  Under Romney we’re likely to see more bluster about American power and a more bellicose attitude, but in the end it won’t matter.  The myth of American exceptionalism will be exposed more and more as wishful thinking.  Obama can make the path less rocky, but he won’t be able to stem the tide.

No matter who is president, at home the governmental dysfunction that has become the hallmark of 21st century America will continue unabated.  The system is flawed.  The unbridgeable gaps between extreme positions will not go away, not without a collapse into such chaos that a new beginning becomes inevitable.

The gaps are everywhere.  Philosophically about the role of government in our lives.  Economically about how to resolve our out of control deficit and spending.  In social issues from abortion to gay marriage to gun control to immigration and more.  The corrupting role of money in politics and the reality that it will get worse before it gets better is pervasive.  No matter who is president, special interest power and corruption will continue.

If Obama is reelected it is possible that the role of the Supreme Court as a destructive force can be inhibited and, to be optimistic, maybe even turned around.  But, no matter who is president, I wouldn’t bet on it.

A bright spot is the changing demographics of this country.  Unrestrained rule by white people is a thing of the past.  That boat has sailed and will not return.  Will Latinos and Asians and blacks rule with more enlightened self-interest?  It’s possible.  But people are people and human history demonstrates beyond a shadow of a doubt that no group has what it takes to govern or control in perpetuity.

So enjoy the day, whoever you are.  No matter who is president.


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