Monday, September 17, 2012


The Pope is in Lebanon preaching peace.  How nice . . .

Romney is in – someplace – sowing confusion.  How nice . . .

I watched the anti-Mohammed movie on UTube.  It is, as reported, amateurish.  It is also, as reported, offensive in the extreme.  In my view it’s not worth rioting and killing to protest against it, but obviously I don’t have the same sensitivity as those who are devout Muslims.  Where is the boundary between free speech and unacceptably spewing hatred?  Depends on which side of the line you’re standing – I guess.

I watched the 49’ers beat Detroit yesterday.  Very impressive.

I also watched the Giants get thrashed by Arizona.  While we’ve been playing very well in recent weeks, unless the starting pitching gets its act together we won’t last long in the playoffs.

Do we really have to wait until 2014 to get out of Afghanistan?  Every day is a waste of lives and treasure.  Obama can’t change the reality of that place.  It’s beyond him, just as it was beyond Bush, and the Russians, and the British, and everyone else going back to Alexander – and probably before that.  Give it up guys.

Do you agree with the judge in Maine who ruled that a prisoner sentenced to life is entitled to a sex change operation paid for by the state?  Neither do I.  My old friend Bill Coffin once said, “Don’t be so broad minded that your brains are falling out.”  This qualifies.

Have a nice day!


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