Thursday, July 26, 2012


So far I haven’t found myself looking forward to the Olympics.  Since I’m a sports junkie I guess as they unfold I’ll pay attention and perhaps even get excited about some of the competition, but up to now – nada.

I’m amused (bemused) by how much the Brits seem to care about this thing.  In the face of security problems, traffic nightmares and a myriad of last-minute glitches, they are besotted with this wonderful extravaganza that is about to descend on their Sceptred Isle.  It makes William the Conqueror and the Magna Carta pale in significance.

Comparisons with China’s Opening Ceremonies four years ago are inevitable.  You remember – thousands of perfectly synced dancers, drummers, acrobats – and more.  I hope our friends across the pond don’t try to compete with them.  Better they do something that is so totally different, so totally appropriate for their culture that it stands on its own.  But I wouldn’t bet on it.

Wanting to host the Olympics is a fool’s mission.  To bolster national and local pride and ego billions are spent on facilities and infrastructure that will never pay for itself.  They justify the expense by pointing to the long-term value that accrues to the people of the city or state.  In this case an area of London is being ‘transformed.’  Sure!  I hope it happens, but again, I wouldn’t bet on it.

Well, enough of the negativity.  USA!  USA!  USA!


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