Wednesday, June 06, 2012

Wisconsin +

Until recently I’ve figured that in the end Obama would be reelected:
A weak opponent. 
The economy still down but slowly moving in the right direction. 
Strong leadership in foreign affairs. 
Bin Laden dead.
A do-nothing obstructionist Congress.
Reasonable likeability numbers.

I’ve changed my mind.  He may still win but if I had to bet today it’d be that he’ll lose.  Walker winning big in Wisconsin is only the latest, not the only, harbinger.  On the surface Wisconsin was about public sector unions and a Governor willing to challenge them.  Just beneath the surface, and much more important, is a mood, a dissatisfaction with the status quo that we’ve seen over and over again during the past two years.

Below expectation job numbers and slow growth provide evidence.  They’re like the fire we can see.  But the fuel feeding the fire is the mood.  And the fuel is gaining strength.  Obama’s unwillingness or inability to make his case, to set in motion a backfire to counter the mood, exacerbates the situation.  The longer he dithers the tougher it will be to mount an effective counterattack.

I hope I’m wrong.  And even if I’m not, a Romney presidency and a Republican congress will not be the end of the world.  It’ll just hasten the inevitable end of American preeminence.  Many would argue that’s not a bad thing.

Different, but related subject:  Today is June 6 – D Day.  68 years ago today allied forces, led by the United States, crossed the channel and invaded France.  We were very proud of ourselves that day, and deserved to be.  It was “The Greatest Generation” at it’s finest.  Seems a long time ago.  That’s because it was a long time ago, he says wistfully.


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