Thursday, April 05, 2012

Stories to Ignore!

Save yourself the trouble. It’s a waste of time to pay attention to:

Suicide bombers. The only new information is the location and the number dead and maimed. And, of course, you’ll be treated to gruesome details about body parts.

Speculation about why our latest mass murderer slaughtered all those innocents. If we really knew it wouldn’t happen so often.

Predictions about when the Republican primary campaign will be settled. Unless you care, in which case – go ahead and listen to the garbage.

How much of a threat the latest Islamist to surface as a potential leader in Egypt or Libya or Mali or Syria – or wherever – is. No one knows, and we can’t do anything about it even if we did know.

Sports pundits who profess to have inside knowledge about – anything.

The latest tragedy (all too often in low-income trailer parks) caused by tornadoes. Why would you want to peak into the lives of people who are suffering?

Evidence of government malfeasance and/or private sector corruption. It’ll just reinforce your preexisting conclusion that while not everyone is a crook, it’s wise to pay close attention to people in power.


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