Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Home Sweet Home!

I’m back! 

What is there to say after a month traveling far from home?

It’s wonderful being back in my nest.  Coffee that tastes good.  My own bed.  A great shower.  No need to pack and unpack every few days.  Everything to my liking.

Amazingly little change in the basic state of the world.  The same arguments are going on – between countries, political parties, personalities, groups.  The same issues are unresolved.  Yes, there are changes, some for the better, some for the worse, but they are incremental, not really fundamentally significant.

Local concerns get the most attention, here and in the places I visited.  The presidential election in France.  Murdoch in London.  The various existential threats facing the Israelis.  The poor economy in Sicily.  And everywhere, despite all the external noise, in the end people focus on what is closest to them – their family, their children, their job, their health.  And take solace where they find it.

To myself I say – Welcome Home!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

we are glad that you had a non eventful travel experience. we also welcome you back into our hearts and thoughts
nick and paulette

7:19 PM  

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