Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Not Paying Attention!

I’m not paying attention to:

What Obama & Romney are saying about Romney & Obama.

Investigations by Congressional Republicans of alleged misdeeds by Democrats and protestations of innocence by said accused.

The heat wave in the east or south or midwest or wherever.  I got it.  It’s hot.

Trying to figure out what the Higgs boson particle is or why it matters.  Unless it helps prove the multiverse theory, which intrigues me.

The Lance Armstrong witch-hunt.  Guilty or not, they’re out to get him.

Analyses of the just-completed Supreme Court year and predictions about where it is headed.

Reviews of all the new tablets and phones on the market.  I got me iPad and iPhone and I’m stickin’ with ‘em.

Stories about priests molesting children and the cover-ups that were/are part of the story.  It makes me want to do bad things to bad people.

Diets and exercises that are said to help you lose weight.  Unless they happen to agree with my eating habits and life style.

New cars on the market.

NFL and NBA and NHL trades.

Box office totals for new movies.

And a few other things . . .   


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