Monday, August 20, 2012

The News!

In the front section of a recent San Francisco Chronicle I found the following:

Police shoot and kill 34 striking miners in South Africa.  An additional 78 are wounded.

Cuba is fighting an epidemic of Dengue fever.

A tropical storm is threatening Mexico.

Also in Mexico, 11 people die when a bus plunges into a ravine.

A fire in a Phuket nightclub kills four.

Two more U.S. troops are killed by an Afghan policeman.  Two soldiers killed by one of our ‘friends.’  Seems to be happening every day.

More battles and more deaths in Syria as rebels fight the government.

93 people killed in Iraq in a string of attacks across the country.

Two sheriff’s deputies killed in Louisiana.

The drought in the U.S. Midwest intensifies.

A woman and two children are found dead in a Detroit home.

All that and I haven’t finished page 4 yet.  Have a nice day!


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