Sunday, July 29, 2012

Olympics Follow-Up!

The Brits did a good job with the Opening Ceremonies.  They highlighted what is typically British, presented it in a creative, thoughtful way, and successfully combined an old-style approach with hi-tech innovations.  Near as I can tell, the entire program went off without a hitch.

I am not viscerally attracted to Dickens or 19th century costumes, but I accepted them as appropriate for this presentation.  To focus a segment on the National Health Service was a gutsy call and while I didn’t relate to the cutesy kiddies I could applaud the effort.  Nor did I relate to the songs and dances, but tolerated them as a necessary evil.  (In truth, I recorded the whole thing and fast-forwarded through the parts that didn’t interest me.)

They didn’t fall into the trap of trying to outdo the 2008 Beijing extravaganza but concentrated on their core competencies, which was wise.  I can imagine that with all the royals and other notables in attendance the evening was a security nightmare.  But again, no problems here that I heard about.  So congratulations to everyone involved.

Now, if only they could get that old Queen to smile – that’d be a breakthrough!


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