Friday, October 12, 2012

Eyes of the Beholder!

In Biden vs Ryan I saw an energetic, effective Biden and a Ryan who was like a deer caught by headlights.  Others saw a rude, smirky Biden and a cool, informed Ryan. 

Conclusion:  Partisans cancel each other out.  Those who really matter, the undecided, didn’t see much to choose from.

I saw the Giant’s Miracle in Cincinnati as a great comeback story – one for the ages.  Others saw a sad, dejected Dusty Baker who now late in his career lost another big one. 

Conclusion:  In truth, I saw both.  I like Dusty and would like to see him win – someday – but am happy he lost this one.

I saw the decision by the San Francisco Board of Supervisors not to remove Sheriff Mirkarimi from his job as appropriate. Others saw it as a victory for minority progressives who are struggling to remain relevant. 

Conclusion:  For sure, he’s an asshole, but the campaign to oust him was more about politics than justice.

For me, the decision to award the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union is ludicrous.  Others see it as an appropriate acknowledgement of a grand historical experiment that has defied the odds for success. 

Conclusions:  The committee was short of deserving candidates this year.  And the award was more an expression of hope than achievement.

Mitt Romney sitting down with Billy Graham, accepting his endorsement and encouraging Graham to pray for him is mock-theological pandering to pacify those remaining evangelicals who claim Mormons are not Christians – and of course win their votes in the process.  I’m not even interested in looking for another view on this one.

Conclusion:  I’m as intolerant as they are.

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