Saturday, October 27, 2012

Message #23 - If You Die Today It'll Be Too Late!

You’re probably just like everyone else.  You don’t want to think about dying.  And you especially don’t want to think about you dying.  Too bad.  You’re gonna die. That’s not the problem (easy for me to say, right?)  Here’s the problem:

If You Die Today It’ll Be Too Late!

It’ll be too late to do all the things you haven’t done.  Now I know that some of you out there believe in a hereafter.  And you may be thinking that this life is a Mulligan – this life is a practice swing and if you don’t like where the ball goes you’ll have another chance in the hereafter.  Sorry!  This is it.  I say take care of business this time around.

To help you out I’ve created a checklist/questionnaire.  Not complicated.  Maybe even missing a few things.  But it’ll get you started.

If you died today:

  1. What haven’t you done that you really wanted to do?
  2. What haven’t you said to someone you care about?
  3. Who haven’t you said ‘I love you’ to?
  4. Who haven’t you said ‘Thank you’ to?
  5. Will you be leaving messes behind that someone has to clean up?
  6. What will you leave incomplete or undone?
  7. Are you leaving behind any resentment?
  8. Are you leaving behind any regrets?
  9. Where haven’t you gone that you really want to go?
  10. What haven’t you seen that you really want to see?
  11. Where did you want to return to and didn’t?
  12. Will you die angry?
  13. Did you really listen?
  14. Did you really see?
  15. Did you keep the promises you made?
  16. Were you responsible for your physical well-being?
  17. Were you responsible for your financial well-being?
  18. Will you leave satisfied?
  19. Will you have been a source of happiness to others?
  20. What is your legacy?
  21. Did you contribute to the world you occupied?
  22. Did you learn everything you wanted to learn?
  23. What books did you want to read and didn’t?
  24. What music did you want to listen to and didn’t?
  25. What movies did you want to see and didn’t?

Need I go on?  I don’t think it’s necessary.

Just remember – If You Die Today It’ll Be Too Late!


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