Wednesday, November 14, 2012


The election turned out better than I thought it would.  Not only Obama winning handily, but changes in the Senate, state initiatives like legalizing pot and same sex marriage approval doing well, and in California voters willing to raise taxes – all good.

Sorry Nancy Pelosi wants to keep her leadership position.  I think she’s an old-line jerk.  Predictably partisan.  Even though she’s my Congresswoman and is right on many policies, I don’t like her.

What’s going on in Syria gets worse and worse.  There are no easy answers, which only means that suffering continues while the world dithers.  How long have Shia and Sunnis been at each other’s throats?  About 1300 years?  Like I say, no easy answers.

L’affaire Petraeus continues to unfold/expand.  It’s like those dolls that have dolls inside them, or pealing an onion trying to find the center.  Watching the mighty fall.  An out-of-hand cat fight.  Privacy issues.  Is dalliance a crime?  Social climbing.  Morality.  Integrity.  Stupidity.  Dick rules the best and the brightest.  And so on . . .

Bruce Bochy deserved to be Manager of the Year.   


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