Friday, December 14, 2012

Slaughter in the Classroom!

The shooting in the Newtown, CT school today, while only one in an ongoing series of mass slayings in this gun-loving country of ours, is more heartbreaking than most.  Apparently, all or most of the 20 children killed were kindergarten age.  We will never be able to spot and stop every person determined to commit mass murder.  Even if effective gun control laws are passed we will not be able to keep this from happening. 

However, a majority of Americans care more for their misguided Second Amendment rights than for common sense and humanity.  Our history is used to justify our attachment to this right.  That I can understand.  What is inexplicable is how far out of step we are with the rest of the world.  Do I think this latest carnage will lead to any change in our gun laws?  No way.  So we will continue to get what we ask for and deserve.  Shameful!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

The shooter had a history of mental issues, most likely worsened by prescription meds... and his mother allowed access to her guns and ammo? A crime waiting to happen. ks

11:02 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

although everything said above is true, please explain to me why in the hell do we need guns for private citizens that contain clips that hold more than 5 bullets?
deer hunting perhaps?
rabbit hunting?
although you can not stop the distruction that a mentally disabled person wants to commit, you can at least limit it.
in my mind we should stop the discemination of all assult guns, thus limiting the distuction that they cause.
we should also limit the quantity of rounds (clips)that guns hold.
to do nothing is obsurd.
nick traino

7:25 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

No shocker… the shooter is reported to have been taking the anti-psychotic drug known as FANAPT. Side effects listed on the package include: mania, confusional state, impulse-control disorder, hostility, aggression. Ted Kaczinski the unibomber, the Columbine shooters, and others, had taken similar Big Pharma drugs. How many more senseless deaths will occur before the authorities do the right thing and ban such weapons of mind distruction??? Ks

3:58 PM  

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